74 Airport Eternity

Posted by sarahsmiles on August 15th, 2007 filed in Uncategorized

and another minute had passed again.
And another language I only ever hear
at an airport. And my companion only ever
complains… stiff, expensive; the banana is green.
But Frankfurt is better than CDG,
which in turn eclipses Heathrow.

Her hijab, with gold sequins, looks like Chanel in Beirut.
Her sari looks like walmart in New Jersey.
Beautiful faces on bodies denied respect.

The rest are faceless, tasteless, barely worth
of regard or derision.  Random. Photographic
memories erased before being backed up.
A t-shirt logo: “Chaotic, more like psychotic”
on a german speaking asian girl explains everything
while revealing nothing. She tries to eat her half
chicken dinner, with a plastic fork.

Behind me, Sandra H collects all her receipts,
“…you know that receipts create a path?”

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