68 Run red my love

Posted by sarahsmiles on July 29th, 2007 filed in Uncategorized

Sing softly, sweet, for moments bloody with desire,
for silent sloppy seconds, as memories expire.
All senses join as one sensuous caress
while infinity cries foul, as the future
is compressed into a single fragment
where flesh and bone collide,

and love cascades in spasms as lovers
fast collide. My heart is broken,
yours is crushed. We bleed
both from one wound. I will survive
just watching as you lay in swoon.
Nothing now will save you and I
must go. But now I stand here broken
as my heart turns to stone.

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  1. Edwin Vogt Says:

    Rotted Apples

    The kiss of summer’s gone,

    The squeak of shiny skin

    And the color of the dawn.

    Only the odor endures;

    Essence of sweet juices

    In rotted sepulchres!

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