Hidden Sorrows: the Persecution of Romanian Gypsies during WWII

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I just saw the most amazing video documentary of Roma (Gypsie) persecution during the holocaust in Romania. It is called “Hidden Sorrows: the Persecution of Romanian Gypsies during WWII”  and is by michelle kelso. Can’t find any more information about it. Got it on dvd from a welsh filmmaker friend. Blown away at how people can still be ignored and marginalized after how the Jews and gay community have been able to fight for recognition. I need this badly, because i get complacent in the joy of my singular life.

This documentary chronicles the rarely told narratives of Gypsy survivors of Nazi persecution in Romania as they remember their experiences during WWII in the context of their lives today. During WWII, Gypsies were slated alongside Jews and other populations for extermination. In each country occupied or allied with Nazi Germany, their fate was similar. Nearly 500,000 are supposed to have perished due to systematic extermination, forced marches, starvation, exposure, diseases, and abuses. Romania, The Gypsies’ experience critically altered their lives. Survivors share with viewers their shocking deportation from Romania to camps where they fought to survive by any means necessary. Hidden Sorrows reveals the continued struggle of Gypsies for equality in a society that views them as second-class citizens. It examines the present impoverishment of the survivors and their descendants as well as discrimination facing them daily.

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  1. Christian Says:

    Before blaming the Romanians for anything, any fair person should also read a different point of view: http://right-behind.blogspot.com/2007/07/romanians-and-gypsies-two-worlds-apart.html


  2. Edwin Vogt Says:

    Dear Sarah (Shalom!)
    Pray for the peace of Yerushalayim! They shall prosper that love thee. So declared the Psalmist!In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths! Your friend from afar, Edwin.

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